Hey, fancy pants

Patterned print pants are one of those items in my wardrobe that I love in theory, but always seem to shy away from when it comes to deciding to wear them for the day. I think I have to be in the right frame of mind and I’m often wary that I look like I’m wearing pyjama pants if they’re not worn with a heel or wedge. In saying that, whenever I do wear them, I invariably feel good in them and receive compliments. I own only two pairs of printed pants since my clean-out, which are both relaxed and slouchy in style.

Black print pant: Country Road; ‘Stroke of Luck’ chevron pant: Mesop (also available at Birdsnest)

I tend to play it safe when wearing the black print pant, pairing it with a black silk tank. The blue chevron pant is usually paired with a complementary blue print top.

In my quest to make the most use of my wardrobe, I have come up with some other potential variations that I may try over the summer months.

Declutter Kate

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