When temptation hits

I received an e-newsletter the other day from one of my favourite clothing brands. They announced the launch of their new website and new-look season’s clothing. Was it lovely and tempting? Yes! But I didn’t yield.

Previous to this challenge, I would have created an immediate mental checklist of all the items I ‘must have’, no questions asked. Now, I took a deep breath and had a closer look at what they were actually selling me. Don’t get me wrong, I still saw items that made me want to own them; however, instead of unsubscribing from all retail emails, I decided to keep a few favourites going. Why? Because I wanted to use these direct marketing tactics to my advantage and take inspiration from them to help me reshape my existing wardrobe with what I already owned.

Here’s a case in point. The following grey jacket from this campaign was their hero piece:

Mesop Elise coat // Autumn 2016
Mesop Elise coat // Autumn 2016 // Image: mesop.com

Photographed beautifully and minimally, it looks stylish and I am instantly loving its cut and upright collar. I sit back and ask myself, ‘OK, so what similar things do I already own?’ I tap into my Stylebook and notice I have a lot of grey clothing already. Obviously a favourite colour in my wardrobe. A specific piece comes to mind:

Skin and Threads // Triangle wrap cardigan
Skin and Threads // Triangle wrap cardigan

Although quite different in style (mine is a cardigan), the fact I already have lots of greys in my wardrobe (including two grey cardigans) makes me realise I don’t need another one. Purchase averted!

Declutter Kate

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