Farewell summer, one true love

I always get really excited about summer. Warmer weather on my (fake tanned) skin, sunlight reflecting off my sunglasses, no need to carry around cardigans or heavy coats in case a chilly antarctic wind decides to sweep through the city blocks. Longer daylight hours make me feel happier and help me get up every morning with a little more energy to go the gym. Even after the official autumn season ticks by, Melburnians are still fortunate to experience the summer weather right through March, with some warmer days even trickling into April.

With these lovely days still ahead, it gives me a moment to pause and reflect on how my summer wardrobe has performed and think about how I will make the transition to the cooler months.

When the weather starts to change, this is the most likely time that I consider buying clothes. After a couple of months into a season, I create regular ‘uniforms’ of clothes and it can really throw me off course when I have to think about preparing for a different season. I find it’s often because the cooler weather approaches suddenly, catching me off guard.

I’m hoping this time that my shoulder season wardrobe will pay off and not spark off a desire to go out and purchase something new to fill a gap in my imagination.

In the past couple of months, my summer wardrobe has performed exceptionally well. I have tried wearing dresses and tops that I haven’t worn for years, even if I didn’t really feel like wearing them. Funnily enough, by doing this, I mixed them with items I did love, such as scarves and belts, and found I created even more variations that I ended up really liking. I have managed to wear most of my summer clothing this season, except for a couple of my formal dresses. I think there are still one or two dresses and a few tops that I didn’t wear at all. I will rethink these as I enter the next season and assess whether they should be discarded.

Throughout the coming months, the following accessories and layers will help me refresh my current wardrobe and move across into the cooler season:


I use these frequently to cinch in a dress during summer. I will continue to use these belts to accessorise cardigans, jackets, longer sleeved tops and to tighten drapey scarves around the waist. I have a number of belts that I am looking forward to wearing.


I know I’ve mentioned these before, but the diversity of scarves is endless and I am only scratching the surface. Scarves are versatile across all seasons. I’m really loving wearing my Hermès scarf at the moment, as well as moving onto some of my light woollen scarves as the season cools down.

La Mason des Carres Hermes | Ors Bleus d’Afrique
Skin & Threads fine wool spotted scarf // Emiti handmade printed cotton scarf // Country Road multi patterned silk scarf

Cardigans, shirts and lightweight jackets

Cooler months call for some lightweight wool or cotton jackets, or an open shirt layered over a tee, such as a chambray shirt. Here’s my selection for the autumn months, combining neutrals with some brighter options:



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