Dancing patterns, movement and joy

Although I wear a lot of classic, one-colour outfits, I can’t help but be drawn to patterns with movement and a sense of dance to their fabric. There’s one particular dress I own that reminds me of being on a summer beach holiday on the Gold Coast. Its blue, white and soft pink patterns reminisce the ’70s paisley along the hemline with a repetitive pattern of fish swimming through the material. Its fabric flows when I wear it and its bright but cool colours are pleasing to the eye.


Some clothes really stand out in your wardrobe, even if they are rarely worn. Now that the weather is cooling down, I have been doing a stocktake of the clothes I didn’t wear over the summer. This dress is one of those ‘non-wears’ this last season so I pulled it out to review and assess. Although it’s a gorgeous item, I have to be in the mood to wear it. I think it’s because it looks comfortable to wear and has a lovely flow to it, but it’s  one of those outfits that isn’t entirely comfortable. Despite this, I’m not prepared to part with it quite yet as it still gives me joy to look at. I will keep it for now and make a point to wear it when it warms up again (or when I travel up north to Queensland for a bit of beach and sun!).

Weekly photo challenge: Dance

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