What I wore … Sunday wanderings

Sundays are the best days for a leisurely stroll to the local cafe for a big breakfast. As the weather cools down, layering is more important than ever in Melbourne because the day may start off chilly but it can still warm up as the morning develops. Today was my allocated ‘active recovery’ day in my fitness training program, so a 40-minute round trip with a stop-off for coffee and healthy poached egg salad breakfast was a lovely way to kick-start the morning. Along the way, I found this great wall mural showcasing some local street art. It’s easy to miss as it’s tucked away along the riverside path.

Walks like these call for casual jeans, a comfortable tee and a light shirt. Supportive walking shoes are a must. My white Ara sneakers fit the bill perfectly as they’re both comfortable and sport some metallic embellishments and glittery laces to add a bit of sparkle to the day.

Mesop chambray shirt // Target white tee // Skin & Threads skinny leg jeans // Ara sneakers // Fossil ceramic white watch


As predicted, the afternoon changed into a warm, summery day and I celebrated by baking a syrupy ginger tea cake while kicking back with a cup of tea.



Declutter Kate

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