Preparing an Autumn wardrobe

The autumnal season is in full swing now. As we enter the cooler months, the season calls for an exploration of warming colour palettes and woollen layers that help to mix and match with the usual blacks that Melburnians love to wear.

I’m all for versatile styling and my favourites of the season allow for effortless combinations that work well and lift the spirits as we approach the grey winter months ahead.

It’s really easy to jump straight into wearing winter clothing when the mornings are chilly and the days are becoming shorter. I’m trying to resist this as wearing my full winter wardrobe now will make me entirely sick and tired of it by the time winter comes around. I find that layers are the key so that as the day warms you don’t overheat and regret your choice that morning.

Utilise simple ponchos, vests, wraps or scarves. A waterproof vest, light woollen scarf or cashmere wrap can be an ideal alternative to wear over a shirt or cardigan instead of automatically reaching for a coat.

Three-quarter sleeved jackets and lightweight trench coats still give you an extra layer of warmth but aren’t too heavy. Try rolling up the sleeves of blazers to get the same effect.

Use belts and scarves to add colour, texture and variety. A belt need not just be ‘buckled up’ in the usual way. Experiment with different ways to tie them. Same goes with scarves. Use a scarf clip to widen your options in tying techniques.

Finally, choose colours that give you a sense of warmth. Intersperse these with cooler colour palettes like creams, warm greys, blues and of course, staple blacks.

Declutter Kate

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