How I re-invent my wardrobe

If it weren’t for the Stylebook app and Google/Pinterest, I would revert to wearing the same old clothing combinations every week on rotation. This is due to human nature and the necessity to make quick clothing decisions in the morning before work. Basically, I get little lazy with how I curate my wardrobe ensembles. I think this is part of the reason why I used to regularly buy new clothes so I could add something fresh.

One of the greatest benefits of not buying clothes is actually using your brain to find inspiration with what you like and see others wearing, and then replicating it with what you have at home. I start by selecting one piece of clothing I haven’t used across different outfit combinations, then search online for street styles that show me how I may expand its usefulness.

Take this pair of khaki slouch pants:


I only EVER wore it on weekends with a black silk tank and black ballet flats. That’s okay, but I wasn’t really getting the full potential across casual and workwear. I’d seen some great styles for workwear with this type of pant but hadn’t taken the jump myself. It was something new and it was a challenge for me.

After searching online for ways to wear this style of pant, I came across a terrific combination with a bright blue blazer, white tee, and neutral heels.


It was an also an outfit I could wear to work plus it utilised two other items in my wardrobe I didn’t wear often – my blue blazer and dusky pink heels. I saved the image straight into my Stylebook app and was then able to construct the outfit virtually from my own photographed clothing and save in the app as a ‘reminder’ outfit. The good thing about using the app is that it reminds me of wardrobe combinations I create that are a little more experimental. In the past, I would often forget the different combinations I wore, which was a waste and meant items were forgotten and ultimately given away. Now I can schedule in this outfit to get maximum wear but also have a list of inspirational outfits to refer to daily. I was pretty happy with the result.

Slouch outfit-cropped2

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