Who made your clothes?

What is the true cost of fast fashion? And why is the ‘slow fashion’ movement creating so much attention? This week marks the third year since the Rana Plaza factory complex disaster in Dhaka, Bangladesh on 24 April 2013 that killed over 1,000 people. It is also the third Fashion Revolution event that marks this disaster. This week, the #whomademyclothes tag is trending exponentially as people take selfies and tag their clothing brands, asking clothing manufacturers the question, #whomademyclothes?

High street fashion consumption is like fast food. It’s quick, it’s cheap, and once it’s consumed, it doesn’t really satisfy or provide quality ‘nourishment’ to your wardrobe. Like fast food, it has an addictive quality with ‘impulsivity’ as its main ingredient to help you quench instant gratification. I know this because it’s what filled up my wardrobe before I decluttered. Now, with a hiatus from purchasing any clothes for the year, it is the quality, investment pieces that are prevailing and the ones I reach for to create my style.

I also like to check clothing labels to see where they are made. Some brands proudly make them locally, but conversely these same brands also produce clothes overseas. But who is actually making these clothes? This week, people are jumping on board to ask the clothing companies this question through social channels.

I decided to participate in ‘ask the brand’ via Twitter by taking a photo wearing one of my favourite brands, Skin & Threads, tagging the brand and asking the question #whomademyclothes? This boyfriend sweater is labelled ‘made in China’ so let’s see if I get a response.

Declutter Kate

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