Garage declutter

This week I decided to get the garage in order. I plan to have its flooring cleaned and re-sealed. It got to the point where the floor looked so awful it needed freshening up. This meant my husband and I did a big clean-out of everything. Earlier this year, we’d already discarded a lot of hard rubbish from the garage, so it wasn’t too bad this time. Here’s how we fared …

As with all declutters, everything had to be removed from the garage and stored elsewhere for the time being.


This was straightforward enough. But the really big job actually turned out to be decluttering the filing cabinet.


Now, I’m sure that everyone has one of these dreaded jobs on their ‘to do’ list, but I really loathe paperwork and I’d managed to collect over 20 years of miscellaneous stuff and just crammed it in the three drawers of this filing cabinet. I was ruthless going through it, taking the Marie Kondo approach to paperwork, which is to throw most of it out. Believe me, I had stuff in here dating back to high school and my first jobs. I kept some sentimental things and certain important documents, but the rest was binned.

My husband questioned whether we even needed the filing cabinet. An interesting thought! I assumed we would keep this storage unit and hadn’t questioned it. But of course, keeping such items only encourages people like me to hoard papers out of sight.

The end result was a nice empty garage – a clean slate to start again and think about what to do. You can see the state of the flooring in this photo, so I’ll be looking forward to getting that sorted asap. I’ve also sketched some preliminary ideas for re-planning the use of space. The next stage will be constructing some shelving to store essential garage items and installing a home gym.


Declutter Kate

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