Food and fridge declutter

One of the most notorious areas for regular clutter accrual is the fridge. Without a system, food storage can quickly get messy and before you know it, you’re sorting through plastic bags in the bottom crisper drawer only to find what you’re looking for at the bottom. Worse still, you find something old and green in the back of the fridge that you forgot about that’s now got a life of its own!

Last year, I hosted a Tupperware party and the sales rep gave me some really useful advice on how to efficiently pack the fridge. Instead of storing fruit and veggies in the crisper drawer at the bottom of the fridge, it’s far better to reverse the ordering of your fridge and store them on the top shelf with your condiments and meats in the crisper drawer.

It has twofold benefits. One, the fruits and veggies keep fresher for longer and two, they are organised in a systematic and time-saving way for easy retrieval through the busy week. An added bonus is you eliminate the problem of an endless mess of veggies and plastic bags in the crisper drawer.

I’ve tried to keep this up for several months and mostly I’ve been succeeding. However, it was time for a freshening up of the fridge as I was starting to revert back to my old habits.

Here are the before photos:

Some containers stored neatly, but it could be better
Crisper drawer filled with plastic bags of fruit and veggies.

You can see that substantially, I still have in place the use of containers for storing fresh produce. However, the crisper drawer had unfortunately reverted back to a big old mess.

So, I took out everything and cleaned the fridge thoroughly.


I chopped up my vegetables and stored them in my special veggie Tupperware containers. This helps prepare for the week’s cooking as everything is now ready to prepare when it’s meal time.

I then re-stocked the fridge with the veggies and fruit on the top shelves, pre-prepared meals and cut-ups on the bottoms shelves, and finally, condiments and extra meals in the crisper drawer.

It took me less than an hour, but it’s now a lot more usable.


Declutter Kate

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