How to pack for a winter getaway

When the weather turns cold and the days grow shorter, it can be tempting just to stay home and hibernate. Else, head to a warmer climate to get some much needed sunshine. This year, I decided to head to Hobart and embrace a colder climate for a winter solstice getaway.

It’s generally fairly straightforward to pack for a summer holiday and lighter clothing is easier to pack as it takes up less space in your travel bag. The real challenge comes when packing for winter breaks where you need to fit warm, often bulky clothing that provides coziness and versatility within a small travel case or weekender bag.

To start with, I collated a selection of really versatile knits in colours that would easily create a variety of daywear and more dressy evening wear. Colour selection is critical here so I kept loyal to my typical Melbourne black and grey hues. Fine knits made from either wool or cashmere are your best friends, as they are stylish and can be folded down to take up the least amount of footprint in your bag. Layering up is critical so I packed a plaid silk shirt, one lightweight, waterproof black jacket that could be worn for both day and night, plus a couple of fine knit cardigans for extra warmth. To add a little bit of colour and style, a couple of scarves that can be cinched with a wide belt or draped around your shoulders will add that extra bit of zest to outfits. Plus they don’t take up much room. They can also be used at night as a shawl.

I used the Stylebook app to pre-plan my outfits so that when it came to packing, all I had to do was lift the clothes from my wardrobe straight into my suitcase. Here’s my selection:


In previous posts, I refer to Marie Kondo’s origami folding technique. If you already use this method for storing your clothing, it’s easy to replicate it on your travels. Storing clothing upright means you see everything in your suitcase at once and don’t have to rifle through different layers in search of something. Here’s how I packed my wheelie suitcase:

Packing is a breeze with a little pre-planning
Shoes and electrical accessories can be stored in the upper lid but the main section (pictured) shows all my selected clothing on the left hand side with toiletries, cosmetics and small personals stored in separate bags. With a little pre-planning, packing for winter is made easy and you don’t end up taking too much, or worse, not taking enough to keep you warm.

The beautiful view of Mt Wellington, Hobart in winter time
Declutter Kate

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