Winter blues

We’re right in the throes of winter’s last tantrums in Melbourne. By the time Melburnians reach August, we’ve been through the longest, darkest winter days and for me, it’s been one of the greatest challenges when trying to utilise my wardrobe.

It’s been a while since my last post and that’s ok. I find that I tend to hibernate a bit during the cooler months and planning my wardrobe or writing a blog entry is no exception.

On one of my lunchtime walks in the city, I took a photograph of rush hour crowds crossing Flinders Street station. It was at the end of June, just when we were really heading into arctic season. The days were short and the wind chill factor biting. You can see it in the people’s body language.

One of the most telling aspects of Melburnian fashion is our reputation for wearing all black. Or at least dark hues. I wondered about why we have this reputation compared to say, Brisbane, Adelaide or even Hobart. Climate may obviously play a part in this. But do we wear blacks and greys because they reflect the overall greyness of Melbourne? Our moods? Or is it the more pressing and practical reasons of being able to wear the same coat day in day out without showing up wear and tear? It’s true that we also wear blacks in the warmer seasons, so perhaps there is the more chic aspects of wearing dark colours as well. It suits most and it’s easy to mix and match.

Interestingly, I found that although I have a few lighter coloured knits in my wardrobe, I started to err on the side of wearing a lot of black woollen tops, tights and boots over the last couple of months. I also started to slack off from planning ahead as I figured I was just wearing a variation on a theme and I got a bit bored with the whole thing.

Not buying clothes for over six months seems to have switched off the desire to acquire more clothing than I need. But it’s also more of a challenge to be more interesting with clothing. Unlike warmer months, winter hits hard physically and mentally. It’s easy to be a bit lazier and not think about wardrobe diversity. This winter, I started to care less about diversity of clothing in my wardrobe and more about warmth and ease of selection in the morning. My planned outfits have started to take on this darker hued trend the longer I’ve been in winter, but it has also made me build up my own personal style, independently of what fashion dictated for the season.

I admit I’m starting to get a bit tired of wearing the heavy coats, the woolly outfits, the endless layers. I’m hanging out for when I can start wearing some lighter layers and more vibrant colours. However, until then, I’ll have to take my own advice and brighten things up with a colourful scarf! Until then!

Overlooking Melbourne’s Yarra River during its coldest days
Declutter Kate

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