Don’t wash your jeans (and other fun facts)

In an era of fast fashion and moving onto the next new season, it can be easy to overlook the value of quality clothing that will last you through the seasons. At month eight, I’m road-testing my clothing for longevity and I can tell you that my investment in high quality pieces are paying off.

Not surprisingly, in my quest to make my wardrobe last the entire year, I’ve made my fair share of mistakes in mis-laundering my clothes. A shrunken woollen jumper resulted in its early retirement when I used the warm water cycle instead of a cold hand-wash. This quickly made me sit up and take a lot more care with my clothing and read those labels carefully. I also now know when to use a sweater comb (fine gauge knits, cashmeres) vs a sweater stone (heavy knits), and other fun facts.

Only recently, I was told that in order to extend the life of your jeans, you don’t really need to wash them … ever. Really. Not only does this extend the life of the jeans, but it keeps their colour and shape. To freshen them up, you need only pop them in the freezer for a bit and that’s it. Else, you can hang them in the bathroom while the room steams up. There’s loads of information about this and I’m astonished that this is the first time I’d heard about it. I’d always been fairly blasé about jeans – just throwing them in the washing machine on a cold wash. But perhaps I hadn’t been taking much notice of the wear and tear because I never really road-tested a pair for any real length of time before buying the next pair.

As a result, I’m focusing on that washing care label to extend the life of all my clothing. I’m going to try ‘not washing’ my jeans too. Not sure how I feel about that, though.


Declutter Kate

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