My year without buying clothes ends

I only have a couple of weeks to go until the end of the year and have been really chuffed with my efforts. I haven’t bought clothing for a year (apart from a swimsuit and hat for a holiday) and surprisingly didn’t really notice many gaps in my wardrobe or miss adding to it. I managed to rotate the majority of my clothes and compile stats on what I wore the most.

Here’s my summing up of this year’s clothing rotation:

Item count: 176*
Outfit count: 207#

* Not including items such as gym gear, sleepwear or personals.
# This can include repeat items in different outfits (e.g. a blue jacket worn three ways)

Most worn items and outfits

The following stats were taken from my Stylebook app and showcase my go-to items and outfits. These include those that mark my individual style and ones that I feel comfortable wearing to work or on weekends. It’s important to note that I didn’t record every day this year, but I did record around half the year – possibly enough to show a general 6-month trend averaged across the year. Most of my stats covered summer and autumn so this affects the rotation stats for particular seasonal clothes. Overall, given the number of clothing items and outfit variations in my wardrobe, it’s humbling to see that the most I wore one item was 25 days and the most I wore a single outfit was only six days!

Least worn items and outfits

The least worn pieces were surprising. A lot of these items are favourites of mine and, had it not been for the stats, I would have told you I wore them far more often than I actually did. These stats are a good reminder for me to go back and wear these ones more often than I do to get the most wear out of them.

Never worn in an outfit

Now these I need to review. Some of these items I do really like and don’t want to part with. Others, I have probably kept for sentimental reasons or because I like wearing other pieces instead. However, some of these items I have definitely worn this year (the black parker, scribble brooch, red belt, black hat and spotted scarf). I just didn’t log them on the day I wore them. Other items, I know I didn’t get around to wearing and need to decide if they need to be culled.

Enter a caption

Next steps …

Next year, I will set myself a budget per season and only add those items that will enhance the versatility of what I already own. It’s been a terrific experiment and opened my eyes up to how much I do own. Quality clothing really paid off this year. There are some items that are starting to stretch and show their wear and tear. Other items still keep well and are in it for the long haul – well worth the investment.

Enjoy your Christmas and new year!

Declutter Kate

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