Modest living for 2017

Now that we’ve kicked over to 2017, it naturally follows for many of us that we look forward to the year ahead. For me, 2016 was a year of challenges from decluttering my wardrobe, pantry and garage to pledging not to buy any clothing. But most importantly, breaking habits of impulsive accumulation was critical in that journey. Twelve months without buying clothing was quite a radical decision and one that I wasn’t all that sure I could do. In fact, I was quite nervous about the entire thing and this time last year, wondered how on earth I would manage it. Now that the year has ended, it’s good to reflect back and take note that although some times were a bit tough, it wasn’t nearly as difficult as I anticipated.

Yesterday, the last day of December, I was browsing through stores and it felt kind of odd to think that from today onwards, I could start buying clothes again. Even though I saw some shoes I liked, I found myself practising my (now) ingrained habit of asking if I had something similar in my wardrobe.

This year, my goals have a new focus. Instead of dunking myself wholly back into buying clothes again and opening the doors to re-cluttering my life, I intend to take it slowly and give myself a seasonal budget. That way, I can treat myself to something every three months and add value to what I have. It also gives me the opportunity to think about what I buy and to focus on quality pieces.

I will also continue to declutter my belongings. My pantry, fridge and garage re-organisation is still going well. I am now in the process of decluttering my bathroom and cosmetic items, as well as planning to work through cupboards full of stationery and bits and bobs. Books are also on the agenda, although I admit that this will be perhaps the most difficult challenge, along with decluttering sentimental items.

Modest living is my primary goal for 2017. Focusing on what is important to me and enjoying the mind space that a decluttered environment offers. This extends beyond my house into other realms, including decluttering the car (how nice is a clean car!), my work spaces and more intangible spaces, like my mind. Slowing down and trying the declutter my thoughts is a really important and challenging task for me. I tend to go at a million miles an hour and am a chronic over-achiever. May 2017 be a fabulous, opportunistic year and one that continues self reflection and accountability.

Declutter Kate

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