My first purchase

After more than 12 months without buying clothes, I finally made my first purchase today. I went shopping this afternoon with an agenda. To buy some replacement t-shirts: a grey marle, white or stripe tee.

The three questions I ask before I buy anything these days are:

  1. Do I need it?
  2. Does it go with at least 3 things in my wardrobe?
  3. Will I wear it 30 times?

The first question was relatively easy. Yes! Last year, I wore two grey and one white slouchy t-shirts, which I had bought previously from a low-end retailer. Over the course of the year, they had stretched horribly out of shape and wouldn’t even sit straight over my shoulders. I couldn’t wait to replace them with better quality pieces.

A colleague suggested I try Jac+Jack, which have some really good quality basics. They were nice but I thought I’d go back to my favourite store, Skin and Threads. To my surprise, when I walked into the store, the sales woman remembered my name after 12 months! I couldn’t believe it. But I suppose that’s what makes excellent customer service – or at least highlights just how often I must have shopped there …

I found my striped tee, made from a soft cotton/modal blend. It was super comfy and was fitted enough to tuck into a skirt and long enough to wear casually over jeans. Perfect!

I have already started putting together some outfits to go with this classic style, wearing it casually over jeans with a red Hermès scarf for a French twist. Its versatility will definitely enable me to wear it with at least three things in my wardrobe.

Skin and Threads striped tee and skinny jeans, Hermès scarf, Widesteps sandals

Will I wear it 30 times? Let’s start counting. It’s certainly not a gimmicky piece and is  gorgeous quality. So as long as the fabric doesn’t stretch, I can’t see why not.



Declutter Kate

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