Out with the old, in with the new

My recent posts this year focused on replacing old, tired clothing that have had their day. Maintaining a well organised and  functional wardrobe needs seasonal clean-outs and although my wardrobe had a massive clean-out last year without adding extras, a yearly declutter will help to remove any of the following:

  1. Worn-out, damaged or stained clothing from the year (3 items)
  2. Any shoes that are showing wear and tear, hurt my feet or are too difficult to walk in (3 items)
  3. Clothing I’ve barely worn (if at all) and/or don’t feel comfortable wearing (4 items)

After sifting through my wardrobe, I picked out a number of pieces that fit the criteria above:

The items that fit into categories 1 and 2 were no-brainers. Although I was previously reluctant to throw out the shoes selected (they looked so lovely on), all three pairs hurt my feet, particularly the lovely yellow ballet flats, which rendered me incapable of walking by lunchtime. I trialled these shoes again and deemed they had to go even though they were practically new.

Category 3 was the most challenging. I identified why I barely wore these items. Two in particular – the green mesh top and shoestring patterned smock top – were borderline. When assessing the viability of these items, I decided to try them each on and match them with as many other wardrobe items as I could. These two actually worked well in my wardrobe, I just hadn’t made the effort to make them work. Creating some outfits in my Stylebook app, I decided to remove them from the ‘to go’ pile and put them in my wardrobe rotation calendar.

With a selection of items either thrown out or donated to charity, it was time to revisit my wardrobe needs and create a list of items to purchase.

When considering purchasing something new, I take a far more systematic approach these days. A list is vital and it’s really important for me to have this strict list of items. That way, I don’t get carried away in the shops and end up buying things I don’t need on a whim, driven by emotion, particularly at sale time.

You may remember in an earlier post last year, my purse broke and I had to make do with whatever other wallets/coin purses I owned to carry my money and cards. I was carrying around a coin purse and separate card holder and it was not the most convenient way to carry around these important items. A new purse was in order. So too, I don’t have a proper black work tote bag and had used bags that didn’t always match my outfits. Along with replacing some of my items, such as new tees, I have created the following wardrobe shopping list:

Needed (to replace old items or missing parts of my wardrobe):

  • Striped tee
  • Grey tee
  • White tee
  • Work tote bag
  • Purse

Wanted (to further complement my wardrobe)

  • Navy silk top
  • Classic trench coat
  • Black leather jacket
  • White silk shirt

There are some amazing savings with the end of season. By purchasing some of these items now, I save a lot but I also get some wear out of them before the season ends. It’s also the perfect time to buy classics at a steal.

This is what I managed to find from my list:

Arlington Milne Lou Lou coin purse

This gorgeous Arlington Milne Lou Lou coin purse is Australian made, created using the softest leather with a fuchsia pink and cream interior. It fits my cards, coins and my iPhone plus I got 25% off the RRP. Its colour scheme is lovely for summer and versatile across my wardrobe.

Skin and Threads navy striped tee

I mentioned this one in my previous post. This was the first piece of clothing I bought this year. It’s from one of my favourite Australian brands, Skin and Threads.

Skin and Threads striped scoop neck tee

Viktoria and Woods Iron Dipped Hem T

This is a stunning light grey, fine knit tee that is a classic for wearing casually or for work. Another Australian brand.


Oroton Sydney Stripe Tote

A classic black work tote from a established and well regarded Australian brand, this will set me up for many years to come and was my best purchase and bargain yet (I got a 70% discount off the RRP instore).



Declutter Kate

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