If you’re anything like me, purchasing stuff, whether it’s clothing, cosmetics, kitchenware, hobby start-up gear etc. has become a habit. A habit that brings a thrill when you plan a purchase and fulfil that purchase quickly. The thrill fades only to be replaced with the desire to do it again … and again … and again.

I have started this blog as a personal pact to:

  1. sort through and declutter what I already own in my house and only keep those belongings that give me joy
  2. create a manageable and highly versatile wardrobe (think modified capsule wardrobe)
  3. pledge not to purchase any clothes for 12 months, starting 1 January 2016 (excluding personals).

The last point is probably the one that makes me the most nervous and unsure whether I can actually achieve this. However, I am fairly confident that I have enough pieces of clothing to give me sufficient seasonal variation. I will also be using the Stylebook app as a means of creative output and as a practical way of identifying exactly how many clothes I have in my closet.

So why am I doing this? Purchasing stuff for the sake of it was starting to become hollow. I was also losing track of what items I already owned because I had packed cupboards of forgotton things. This meant I was starting to buy double-ups without realising until after the purchase. I also reflected on how I like my surroundings to be neat and clean. My wardrobe, as well as other rooms like the pantry, were anything but ordered and every time I saw them on a daily basis, it made me frustrated. Something had to be done.

Here are the general guidelines I used for 2016:

Declutter Kate guidelines

  • Buy no new clothes and wear what I have in my wardrobe. I have sufficient to get me through 12 months.
  • If a key, essential item, such as shoes or underwear, become damaged or unwearable (and cannot be mended), look to see if I already own something that can replace it or do the job equally well. If not, the item has done its job and can be replaced. The objective with this project is to declutter and not add extra clothing to what I own.

I tried to keep it simple because that’s exactly what this project was about.