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De-cluttering the mind

Reflecting mindfully on a year is generally a mixed bag. An entire year is never all good or all bad. Some years can bring great events of sorrow and change. Others can be general, run-of-the-mill years with a collection of ecclectic experiences all jumbled together. Invariably, they are, thankfully, a mixture of experiences. I’ve certainly […]

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Packing it in

I recently returned from a two week trip in Japan after a very traumatic couple of months following the recent passing of my mother. The break away helped me to re-clock myself and re-focus my attention, allowing me to change my environment and escape for a bit. Ask anyone who travels to Japan and they […]

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Out with the old, in with the new

My recent posts this year focused on replacing old, tired clothing that have had their day. Maintaining a well organised and  functional wardrobe needs seasonal clean-outs and although my wardrobe had a massive clean-out last year without adding extras, a yearly declutter will help to remove any of the following: Worn-out, damaged or stained clothing […]

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My first purchase

After more than 12 months without buying clothes, I finally made my first purchase today. I went shopping this afternoon with an agenda. To buy some replacement t-shirts: a grey marle, white or stripe tee. The three questions I ask before I buy anything these days are: Do I need it? Does it go with at […]

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Before you buy, ask yourself

  1. Do I need it?
  2. Does it go with at least 3 things in my wardrobe?
  3. Will I wear it 30 times?
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Modest living for 2017

Now that we’ve kicked over to 2017, it naturally follows for many of us that we look forward to the year ahead. For me, 2016 was a year of challenges from decluttering my wardrobe, pantry and garage to pledging not to buy any clothing. But most importantly, breaking habits of impulsive accumulation was critical in that journey. […]

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My year without buying clothes ends

I only have a couple of weeks to go until the end of the year and have been really chuffed with my efforts. I haven’t bought clothing for a year (apart from a swimsuit and hat for a holiday) and surprisingly didn’t really notice many gaps in my wardrobe or miss adding to it. I managed to rotate the majority of my clothes […]

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Guilt free … well, almost

It’s been a while since my last blog but I’ve been struggling with a confession and whether I’d write about it. Of course, I have to be honest in this blog. Otherwise, I’m not being true to myself. Besides, my friends and colleagues have been encouraging me to write about it. I bought a new swimsuit […]

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Don’t wash your jeans (and other fun facts)

In an era of fast fashion and moving onto the next new season, it can be easy to overlook the value of quality clothing that will last you through the seasons. At month eight, I’m road-testing my clothing for longevity and I can tell you that my investment in high quality pieces are paying off. Not […]

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Winter blues

We’re right in the throes of winter’s last tantrums in Melbourne. By the time Melburnians reach August, we’ve been through the longest, darkest winter days and for me, it’s been one of the greatest challenges when trying to utilise my wardrobe. It’s been a while since my last post and that’s ok. I find that I […]

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