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De-cluttering the mind

Reflecting mindfully on a year is generally a mixed bag. An entire year is never all good or all bad. Some years can bring great events of sorrow and change. Others can be general, run-of-the-mill years with a collection of ecclectic experiences all jumbled together. Invariably, they are, thankfully, a mixture of experiences. I’ve certainly […]

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Before you buy, ask yourself

  1. Do I need it?
  2. Does it go with at least 3 things in my wardrobe?
  3. Will I wear it 30 times?
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Modest living for 2017

Now that we’ve kicked over to 2017, it naturally follows for many of us that we look forward to the year ahead. For me, 2016 was a year of challenges from decluttering my wardrobe, pantry and garage to pledging not to buy any clothing. But most importantly, breaking habits of impulsive accumulation was critical in that journey. […]

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No regrets … the guilty shopper

I tend to do a little window shopping these days. Not to torment myself because I’m refraining from buying clothes, but more as a sociological expedition into the psyche of why we shop, our shopping habits and how retailers tap into our weakness for collecting things.

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What I wore … Sunday wanderings

Sundays are the best days for a leisurely stroll to the local cafe for a big breakfast. As the weather cools down, layering is more important than ever in Melbourne because the day may start off chilly but it can still warm up as the morning develops. Today was my allocated ‘active recovery’ day in my fitness training […]

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