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My first purchase

After more than 12 months without buying clothes, I finally made my first purchase today. I went shopping this afternoon with an agenda. To buy some replacement t-shirts: a grey marle, white or stripe tee. The three questions I ask before I buy anything these days are: Do I need it? Does it go with at […]

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Autumn outfits

Farewell summer, one true love

I always get really excited about summer. Warmer weather on my (fake tanned) skin, sunlight reflecting off my sunglasses, no need to carry around cardigans or heavy coats in case a chilly antarctic wind decides to sweep through the city blocks. Longer daylight hours make me feel happier and help me get up every morning with a […]

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It’s a scarf thing

We had a cold snap today in Melbourne, which made me thankful for setting up my ‘shoulder season’ capsule in my wardrobe. It also made me think about wearing scarves again. I usually don’t wear scarves in summer, which is a shame because they can really change up an outfit and add some colour and […]

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