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Preparing an Autumn wardrobe

The autumnal season is in full swing now. As we enter the cooler months, the season calls for an exploration of warming colour palettes and woollen layers that help to mix and match with the usual blacks that Melburnians love to wear. I’m all for versatile styling and my favourites of the season allow for effortless combinations […]

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Autumn outfits, minimalist living

What I wore … Sunday wanderings

Sundays are the best days for a leisurely stroll to the local cafe for a big breakfast. As the weather cools down, layering is more important than ever in Melbourne because the day may start off chilly but it can still warm up as the morning develops. Today was my allocated ‘active recovery’ day in my fitness training […]

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Autumn outfits

Farewell summer, one true love

I always get really excited about summer. Warmer weather on my (fake tanned) skin, sunlight reflecting off my sunglasses, no need to carry around cardigans or heavy coats in case a chilly antarctic wind decides to sweep through the city blocks. Longer daylight hours make me feel happier and help me get up every morning with a […]

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Seasonal harmonies

As we move into the next season, I started thinking about my outgoing summer wardrobe and what we will expect to see in the coming months. Each season, the fashion industry influences what colour and style harmonies we should expect to buy, often presenting us with the essential key piece, a ‘must-have’, for the season.

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Summer outfits

Hey, fancy pants

Patterned print pants are one of those items in my wardrobe that I love in theory, but always seem to shy away from when it comes to deciding to wear them for the day. I think I have to be in the right frame of mind and I’m often wary that I look like I’m […]

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Wardrobe reloaded

One of the most notable aspects of putting clothes back in your wardrobe that give you joy is that it ignites an enthusiasm to experiment with creating new outfits, particularly from those pre-loved but forgotten pieces. It also dramatically changed the way I perceived this small room. No longer was it overcrowded and dull, but rather […]

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