Summer outfits

Dancing patterns, movement and joy

Although I wear a lot of classic, one-colour outfits, I can’t help but be drawn to patterns with movement and a sense of dance to their fabric. There’s one particular dress I own that reminds me of being on a summer beach holiday on the Gold Coast. Its blue, white and soft pink patterns reminisce the […]

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Autumn outfits

Farewell summer, one true love

I always get really excited about summer. Warmer weather on my (fake tanned) skin, sunlight reflecting off my sunglasses, no need to carry around cardigans or heavy coats in case a chilly antarctic wind decides to sweep through the city blocks. Longer daylight hours make me feel happier and help me get up every morning with a […]

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Outfits, Wardrobe

Seasonal harmonies

As we move into the next season, I started thinking about my outgoing summer wardrobe and what we will expect to see in the coming months. Each season, the fashion industry influences what colour and style harmonies we should expect to buy, often presenting us with the essential key piece, a ‘must-have’, for the season.

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State of mind: What do your clothes say about you?

I’ve tended to assume that there are two broad categories into which people fit: those who view clothes as an expression of their personalities (and consequently spend a bit of time and money on them) and those who see clothes as having utilitarian purposes only. Whether we are aware of it or not, what we choose […]

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